Work In Progress / 28 February 2020

Hi everyone, so we continue with the freaky/ zombie/ necromorph creature, i hope you like the progress of this project, don't hesitate to like, share, or just simply ask me a question.

Stay attentive, next week, we take the direction of the rendering.

Have a good day,  and thanks for watching .

Necromorph project (sculpting)

Work In Progress / 21 February 2020

hi everyone, this is my new project, i hope you like too, don't hesitate to like, share, comment or ask me a question.

This is just a first step "sculpting", 

following next week for the texturing :)


have a good day and hope you like this new creature 


Work In Progress / 25 November 2019

Hi everyone today i share with you a work in progress of my new character, it's a orc/ogre inspired by warhammer and lotr universe.

i hope you like !! 

 Don't hesitate to like, comment, or follow for see the evolution of this project.

Welcome in the " ORK IN PROGRESS " :) 

Sculpt in zbrush 


This is a first test render to see character's atmosphere  

Now retopolgy and uv of equipments, clothes, weapon, backpack and shield. 

I sculpted and modeled this with maya and zbrush.

The objective is to have a wild orc from a tribe, with nble materials for his equipment such as wood, leather and linen.

I'm inspired by the equipment of polynesian and massai. 

First test of texture with  substance painter.

Who is he ?

Work In Progress / 21 August 2019

Hi everyone ! I share with you my last wip, it's a vilain in Dc comics transposed in my universe :) but who is he ?
will you find it ?

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